Tuesday, 9 August 2016

What will you do for Indonesia?

Walking through last second term made me question my self
"What is your first step for your contribution to your country? The exact first step"
"What will you do right after your homecoming?"

I firmly confess that I am not that proper person hoped by my country
It is not a sign of pessimistic
However, I need certain period of time learning outside 'what's in real possibly applied in Indonesia but has not been developed yet

Watching this video made me feel as if I am in between two loved-ones: my country and someone
Both issues are not options to choose, however, to satisfy both
Because both, in my point of view, are my future plan
I never met such a man who reminds me of Allah when think about him and I feel save even he already showed his feeling and "intention" indirectly
No dilemmatic feeling. So far, I just feel so sure towards him.
However, I would not meet him without my scholarship funder

I don't know what kind of life will be, but for sure, I need time to develop my skill and my first step for Indonesia. Many things are still hidden outside and courage me to 'dig' and get them (to learn)

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

From The Same Heart, But Different Culture

We both know that we have the same interest each other
Islam indeed protect interaction between woman and man
Even sometime we often chat through apps, but we seem to be freezing everytime we meet, avoiding any talk each other. But then he gave like on my instagram and I gave like on his post on FB.
Through a person, we seem to tell our feeling
The true problem comes up, about citizenship status and automatically: culture
My hometown is different with his hometown
Sometimes I feel that he is worrying about different culture and different dish that I mau experience
This is so fast
My mind is blowing
But this time seems more let everything happened by Allah's will
Allah will lead the way, no matter how, if it is my destiny
To Allah I surrender my difficult problem